A 4,882-square-foot house in the Sycamore Meadows area of Malibu, Calif. that is owned by rock bassist Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers is on the list of the homes destroyed by this holiday weekend's fires.




Yesterday, our friends over at TMZ.com reported that Flea's home had not been destroyed by the fires, contrary to what KNX radio had reported. However, a list that Malibu city officials provided on Saturday night reported that a house at the address of one of Flea's two houses in Malibu actually was indeed destroyed. We think the confusion came from the fact that Flea actually owns two houses in Malibu.

The house in question is a house at 6228 Sycamore Meadows Road in Malibu, which was built in 1978. The bassist recently had had the house on the market for $5 million, as we had reported last December, but never sold. Flea had listed the Sycamore Meadows Road house after he paid $9,980,000 to purchase a new, 2,731-square-foot beach house on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.

So, while it's obvious that the house that everyone now thinks of as "Flea's house" -- i.e., his recently purchased beach house at 32504 Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu -- didn't burn, it appears to us that Flea's other house -- i.e., his longtime (since 2002) house at 6228 Sycamore Meadows Road, which he has been trying to peddle, has indeed been destroyed.

Meanwhile, the city's list also does indeed confirm reports by KTTV and by TMZ.com that rocker Axl Rose's 4,333-square-foot house on 2.33 acres at 5055 Latigo Canyon Road, which he purchased in 1992 for $3,600,000, was damaged. The extent of the damage remains unclear.

We have run a quick search on the owners of every house on the city's list, and it does indeed appear that the only two well-known homeowners on the list of homes that were destroyed or damaged are Flea and Axl Rose.

We'll keep you posted with more information as we receive it.

In the meantime, we've attached some pics of Flea's Sycamore Meadows house. Readers, can anyone who has been given access to the area (and we doubt anyone has) confirm if this house is still standing?