Singer Deborah Gibson (whom we still think of as Debbie Gibson) has placed her two-bedroom, 1,733-square-foot house in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills area on the market for $995,000 -- as the threat of foreclosure looms over her head.


Our friends over at The Real Estalker broke the story on February 11 about Gibson's listing of the house, and then penned a great update on Monday about the sad tale of this listing and the obvious public deceptions by Gibson's representatives about the reasons behind the listing. Clearly, Gibson's having some kind of financial problems. And, she ostensibly had hoped to unload this house -- for which she obviously had overpaid when she purchased it for $1,275,000 in February 2005 -- and hadn't counted on the listing being discovered by the celebrity real estate blogosphere.

Supporting this assertion is the fact that Gibson's agent recently canceled all showings "until further notice," although her reps pointedly left the house in the MLS -- which means that she remains as motivated as ever to sell it, but isn't interested in any gawkers or curiosity-seekers. We might add that of *course* showings are still possible, we'd assume; a motivated buyer who is truly interested in the house undoubtedly could get a walk-through if he really wanted one. And some other listing information we found on the Internet suggests that showings only had been canceled until Wednesday, February 25 (yes, yesterday). So who knows for sure.

Built in 1940, Gibson's house has two baths (one of which weirdly sports a urinal that Gibson didn't bother to remove), a formal dining room, a den, slate/tile baths, and a chef's kitchen with stainless steel appliances, according to public records and listing information. The house sits on a 0.16-acre (7,175-square-foot or 7,010-square-foot, depending on the source) lot, according to public records and listing information.

Gibson first listed the house as part of a short sale on February 11. For the uninitiated, that means that her lender will have to accept a price below the amount that Gibson owns on her loan, because of financial hardship on her part (and a willingness by her lender to take what it can get). As the Real Estalker noted in "her" update the other day, mega-blogger Perez Hilton got hold of the story, drawing out a reaction from Gibson's PR maven (to Us magazine, among others) that there's no foreclosure action, but that instead, Gibson is merely moving in with her boyfriend, Rutledge Taylor.

Umm, yeah. As Your Mama and Perez both noted, that'd be fine and dandy, except for the fact that a pesky Notice of Default was filed against the property. Which is another way of saying that Gibson's PR rep is -- say it together, one, two, three -- *lying*!

Her PR guy's chutzpah goes one step further, as the Real Estalker also pointed out. He told Us, "As we all know, [this] is the right time to sell...and, this was it for her." That's also all good and well, except that a *terrible* time for a homeowner to sell. And if one can ride this environment out, one will be far better off. Clearly, Deborah can't do that right now.

We wish her all the luck in the world in unloading this very ill-timed purchase. We'll keep you all posted on how this one shakes out. Maybe Donald Trump will ride to the rescue?