Rocker Courtney Love has rented out a sprawling, 5,434-square-foot Mediterranean-style house in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills that singer Natalie Imbruglia once owned.


Our regular readers know that we don't like writing about rentals -- they're generally too hard to verify and you never know how long renters will stay. But, this was one we couldn't refuse, given the property's past celebrity owner and current celebrity tenant.

The Los Angeles Times' Ann Brenoff broke the story of this rental the other day, reporting that Love is paying "about $20,000 a month for the home." The house had not been listed for lease in the MLS, but rather was a pocket listing. Love's time in Los Angeles over the years has been colorful, with her having lived in Beverly Hills (on Alpine Drive) at one time. Love also was the subject of some horrible rumors in August 2005 -- which seemed to have been furthered the most by the Drudge Report -- that she had committed suicide in the 8500 block of Mulholland Drive. While Love thankfully wasn't the victim, news reports indicated that there was nonetheless a tragedy; it was an off-duty policewoman who had committed suicide.

Back on Leap Day 2008, we exclusively wrote about the house that Love now has rented. We wrote about it after Imbruglia, who had purchased the house in 2002 through a trust for $2,140,000, sold it to Latin movie producer and power lesbian Jeanette Longoria.

Now, Longoria has rented the house out to Love, Brenoff reported.