Last fall, comic actor ("Night Court," "Dave"), magician and longtime New Orleans resident Harry Anderson gave interviews to several major newspapers, including the New York Times, explaining his decision to sell all his properties in the Big Easy's French Quarter and to move elsewhere.

Now, in a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on Anderson's three transactions--the sale of one New Orleans building where he and his wife had lived, the listing of a second New Orleans building that he owns, and the $570,000 purchase of a house in Asheville, N.C.

First, a little background. After a 14-year run on several hit TV sitcoms, Anderson and his wife left Hollywood in 2001 to move to New Orleans, where they paid $950,000 in October 2001 through their John Ingodwe Trust for a building at 828 Chartres Street in New Orleans, according to public records. Anderson turned that building into a combination house for himself and a ground-floor magic shop named Sideshow. Then, in 2004, Anderson's Ford Theater LLC paid $1,200,000 to buy a building at 504 Esplanade Avenue/1331 Decatur Street in New Orleans, a building that he converted into a nightclub called Oswald's Speakeasy.
The likable Anderson rode out Hurricane Katrina in 2005 by turning his nightclub into a place for French Quarter Town Hall meetings, even before power was restored. Those meetings, the New York Times reported, actually served to help kick-start the recovery of the French Quarter, which hardly flooded but stagnated because the entire city was so paralyzed. Eventually, however, Anderson and his wife decided to pull out of the city. He told the Times that too few tourists seemed interested in his one-man show at Oswald's, and that he and his wife had withdrawn from others and lost interest in interacting with others. Anderson also was physically attacked for the second time in May 2006. Finally, when Mayor Ray Nagin, whom Anderson holds responsible for the city's post-hurricane drift, was re-elected in May 2006, that was the "nail in the coffin," Anderson told the Times.

So the couple put their properties on the market and decided to move to North Carolina. The Times article reported that the Andersons "sold their home within a week for a bit more than they paid." Public records, however, don't bear that out, revealing that the house at 828 Chartres Street actually was sold for $895,000.

Anderson originally had a deal to sell the club, at 504 Esplanade Avenue/1331 Decatur Street, and then it fell through, the Times reported. He later reached another deal, he told the New Orleans Times-Picayune in October, to sell the club to an Atlanta businessman who planned to open a jazz club. However, that deal appears to have fallen through as well, since public records don't yet show a sale transaction for the club. In addition, a New Orleans brokerage continues to show the building as one of its active listings, for $1,795,000. Check out listing information for Anderson's club here.

Anderson and his wife paid $570,000 for their new house, a five-bedroom, 3,297-square-foot house at 120 Flint Street in Asheville, N.C., according to public records. Built in 1910, the house has three baths, according to public records. The Andersons picked the town because it was, the Times reported, a town that Anderson "had seen and liked years before."

Unfortunately, no listing information is available online for Anderson's new house in Asheville, so we can't provide you with any photos or further details on his new house.