Comedian, actor and producer John Leguizamo has added to his real estate empire, paying $5,750,000 for a town house in downtown Manhattan's Washington Square area.


When first we found the purchase, we thought we were getting the exclusive out on this, but those quick movers at the Real Deal beat us to the punch on this, reporting about an hour after the deal was recorded on the purchase of the town house, at 51 West 9th Street, by the 43-year-old Leguizamo. Records show that Leguizamo went to contract on July 17 to buy the house and that he closed on it on January 8. The transaction was recorded by New York City at 5:02PM Eastern time today.


Records show that the four-story building that Leguizamo purchased measures 3,136 square feet and was built in 1899. Unfortunately, at this point, we have few other details on the purchase, and have been unable as yet to locate an even remotely fresh listing sheet for the property, and anything other than a minuscule photo of the town house's entry.

The actor owns plenty of other properties, including:

--A 1,399-square-foot condominium unit at 245 Main Street in Los Angeles' Venice area, which he purchased in October 2005 for an undisclosed price and later transferred into his Chateau Trust (although, he may have sold this unit recently; it's unclear if an October 2007 property transfer involved selling it to a separate entity or to a different company controlled by Leguizamo)

--A co-op unit at 45 Gramercy Park North in Manhattan that he has owned at least since 2004

--A 2,449-square-foot house on 7.4 acres at 293 Binnewater Road in Rosendale, N.Y., in Ulster County, which the actor purchased in 2003 for $750,000

At one time, Leguizamo also owned a 3,491-square-foot town house at 268 E. 7th Street in Manhattan (almost to Brooklyn!), but it's not clear if the actor still owns that building. The reason? Leguizamo transferred the ownership of that building in 2002 for an undisclosed price to something called Rebel Realty LLC, and it's not clear if Leguizamo is behind Rebel Realty LLC.

It's also unclear if Leguizamo will list the 11th-floor Gramercy Park North unit. We'll keep you posted.