The co-op board of Manhattan's El Dorado building has rejected a buyer for the two-bedroom apartment that singer/musician/songwriter Moby has been trying to sell for $7,500,000.



As such, the six-room unit in the south tower of the El Dorado, which is at 300 Central Park West, is back on the market. The New York Times' Josh Barbanel wrote a nice piece yesterday on Moby's situation.


Back on July 14, we wrote our first post about Moby's listing of the apartment, which he purchased in 2005 for $4.5 million. Last fall, Moby found a buyer for "near his asking price," the Times reported. Now, however, the unit is back on the market because the board gave the thumbs-down to the buyer, for an unspecified reason.

Moby recently e-mailed Barbanel, telling him, "I'm sure that the board had very good reasons for rejecting the buyer. I've always found the El Dorado board to be reasonable and fair." He previously had told the Times that living "uptown" was "far from just about everyone and everything I know."

Features in Moby's four-level unit, which has been recently renovated, include a circular iron staircase that connects the apartment's upper floors, park views, multiple terra-cotta terraces, and lots of dark wood and marble.

Check out an online listing sheet for Moby's unit - complete with photos - here.