Actor Charlie Sheen and his multi-named wife Brooke have placed a Mediterranean-style house they own in Los Angeles' Los Feliz neighborhood on the market for $3,697,000. The couple continue to own and inhabit their principal residence, which is in the Mulholland Estates area in the Beverly Hills, Calif. postal area (also known as the BH PO).


The Los Angeles Times' Lauren Beale deserves credit for breaking the story on June 27 of Sheen's listing of the house, which hit the market on June 16. However, as our friends over at the Real Estalker correctly noted ( on June 29 (shortly after Beale's post ran), the Times missed the mark by not explaining the full extent of Sheen's current living situation -- principally, his longtime ownership of and current inhabiting of his mansion in the Mulholland Estates area of the BH PO.

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We'll try to clarify everything that we know -- including, in a nod to a request from loyal commenter tlp333, a full run-down of everything Charlie and his wife (who is known at times as Brooke Mueller and at other times as Brooke Allen and Brooke Wolofsky) have ever owned as well.

Here goes, starting first with properties that Charlie and Brooke *currently* own:

--Indeed, Sheen currently has listed the four-bedroom, 4,179-square-foot house in Los Feliz for $3,697,000. Features in the restored house include four and a half baths, a courtyard entry, a living room, a reading room, an eat-in kitchen with stone floors and imported appliances, a formal dining room, a sweeping staircase to upper bedrooms, tiled baths, a master wing with a separate tub with views, an upstairs tiled family room and outdoor terraces, according to listing information. The house sits on a 0.23-acre (10,197-square-foot) lot, according to public records. Records show that Sheen and his wife's M B and E LLC Trust paid $2,575,000 to purchase the house in late 2007. The trustee whose name is on the LLC is that of Moira Wolofsky, who is Sheen's wife Brooke's mother.

--Probably the biggest question everyone is asking is: did Charlie and Brooke ever actually *live* in the Los Feliz house? The Real Estalker cited three sources who said that Sheen and his wife *never* lived in the house. At the same time, listing agent Sherri Rogers told us that "they originally bought the house to live in, and then (his wife) became pregnant with twins, and the house's bedrooms and bathrooms on the upper level are not enough for twins, two other kids and nannies." Why, we asked Rogers, would Sheen voluntarily have moved from his much larger house in Mulholland Estates (which we'll get to in a moment) to a much smaller place in Los Feliz? "His wife Brooke wanted to go from the Westside to the Eastside," Rogers said. "The traffic on the Westside is awful. No one wants to visit them. She didn't want to live in a giant house. People get married and they want to change houses." We take Rogers at her word, although it does seem a tad strange to us, given how nice -- and large -- Sheen's place is in Mulholland Estates. Regardless, Rogers informed us that the couple now currently are living in the Mulholland Estates house while they consider their next move. "They're staying there until they decide what they're gonna do," Rogers told us.

--Rogers and her co-listing agent set up a hilariously named URL as a property website for Sheen's Los Feliz property -- and, one that ties directly to Sheen's high-profile role on CBS' "Two and a Half Men." The house is located on Catalina Avenue, and the URL is Point your browser to this site. And no, Rogers did *not* ask us to play up the URL name for the property website.

--In Mulholland Estates, Sheen's trust paid $7,200,000 in early 2006 to purchase his 7,924-square-foot house, which sits on a 0.46-acre (20,203-square-foot) lot on Aubrey Road, according to public records. ran a photo in December 2007 of Sheen's mansion in Mulholland Estates.

--Sheen also is the current owner -- through a different trust -- of a 2,401-square-foot house on a 1.46-acre lot on Grayfox Street in Malibu, Calif. that he purchased in early 2002 for $1,300,000, according to public records.

--Sheen also is the current owner -- through a trust -- of a 2,140-square-foot house on Beach Club Way in Malibu (in the Ventura County part of Malibu) that he purchased in mid-1995 for $635,000, according to public records.

--Sheen also is the current owner -- through a trust that traces back to his parents' house -- of a 1,582-square-foot condo unit on Fiji Way in Marina del Rey, Calif. that he purchased in 1998 for $629,000, according to public records.

Now, a list of properties Sheen has owned in the past but no longer owns:

--Sheen and then-wife Denise Richards paid $4,200,000 in mid-2004 through a trust (the Hank Trust, with the money manager whose name was on the deed being Janice McKenna -- McKenna has represented Sheen in many property transactions over the years) to purchase the 8,522-square-foot mansion at 4875 Louise Avenue in Los Angeles' Encino area from actress Katey Sagal, according to public records and the good people at Blockshopper. The short-lived couple sold the house in early 2006 for $6,620,000 to its current owners, who put it on the market, as we exclusively reported in April, for $9,395,000, and since have reduced its asking price to $8,995,000.

--Sheen paid $1,600,000 in 1993 for a 2,524-square-foot condominium unit in the high-rise in Los Angeles' Westwood area at 10580 Wilshire Boulevard. Sheen no longer owns the unit, and he appears to have sold it in 2004 for an undisclosed price.

--Sheen had owned a 3,547-square-foot house on 2.38 acres overlooking Malibu Lake at 1845 Olivera Drive in Agoura Hills, Calif. that he purchased in 1990 for an undisclosed price and then sold in 2005 for $2,250,000, according to public records. Sheen sold the house for a lot less than he originally had intended, given that he had first listed it in 2001 for $4.5 million, according to news accounts at the time, and then listed it in 2002 for $3.6 million, according to news accounts at the time.

--In 1998, Sheen gifted a two-bedroom, 1,470-square-foot condo unit that he long had owned along the Pacific Coast Highway (but on De Ville Way) in Malibu to his actress sister, Renee Estevez, and her golfer husband, Jason Federico, according to public records. The couple, who married in 1997, continue to own the condo to this day, according to public records. Sheen appeared to have purchased the condo around 1987, according to a 1991 news article in the Los Angeles Times.

--Around 2000, Sheen had owned a 3,231-square-foot house in Oak Park, Calif. (in Ventura County). The property now is owned by Cassandra Estevez -- who is Sheen's twentysomething daughter from his relationship with a high-school girlfriend -- and by Paula Speert, who we believe is that high-school girlfriend (i.e., Cassandra's mother). Sheen's parents were said to have raised Cassandra.

--Meanwhile, Sheen's new wife, Brooke, had owned the four-bedroom, 3,032-square-foot house at 7383 Pyramid Place in the Hollywood Hills from 2005, when she and her mother together had purchased it for $1,525,000, until selling it in August 2007 for $2,317,000, according to public records.

How's *that*, tlp333?

Also, check out this clip from our all-time favorite story arc from "Two and a Half Men": a four-episode series in October 2007 where Charlie improbably starts dating a woman named Linda Harris (played by actress Ming-Na), a judge close to Charlie's own age. Not surprisingly, Charlie and Linda don't end up staying together.