Casino magnate Steve Wynn has placed his full-floor condominium unit on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan on the market for $25,000,000.

As we continue to work through our slowly decreasing backlog of items that others have written about but that we haven't had the chance to weigh in on yet, we wanted to pay homage to Wynn -- whose eponymous Las Vegas casino we stayed at in June 2006 -- by writing about his onyx-floored apartment. Credit goes to the New York Observer's Max Abelson, who broke the story back on June 23 of Wynn's listing of the seventh-floor unit, which is in the building at 817 Fifth Avenue (at 63rd Street).

Wynn, who recently announced his split from his wife Elaine (shown here with him), paid $7,000,000 to purchase the unit in September 2000, according to public records, and not in 2001, as Abelson had reported. Wynn unsuccessfully tried selling his spread in 2003 for $15 million, but then a burst ceiling pipe and attendant flood in 2004 required Wynn to redo the unit top to bottom, which accounts for why the unit's asking price is so much higher today than it was six years ago. In addition, Wynn is selling the unit furnished, and his listing agent (ambitiously) told Abelson that Wynn has told him that the furnishings are worth $4 million.

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Features in the nine-room unit, which has views of Central Park, include a private elevator vestibule that is lined with leather, a large room that was created by combining the original unit's living room and library, an eat-in media center that formerly was the formal dining room, and a huge master suite that was created by combining three of the unit's four original bedrooms. The master suite has a dressing area and an infinity tub. Other features include a new formal dining room, a large guest bedroom with a bath, an "exquisite powder room" and a state-of-the-art electronics system, according to listing information.

The unit's exact square footage is up for debate. Abelson attributed 3,900 square feet to the unit, while public records state that it measures 3,450 square feet. Listing information falls in the middle, estimating that it's about 3,500 square feet.

Check out an online listing sheet for Wynn's unit -- complete with photos.

We'll keep you posted on whether Wynn is able to get anywhere near $25,000,000 for this (admittedly wonderful) unit. We're not holding our breath.