Byron Allen making a deal?TV talk show host and entertainment mogul Byron Allen appears to have a deal to sell a 3,562-square-foot house in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills that he owns, which has been on the market for $6,995,000. nightingale-i.jpg In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on the fact that the Los Angeles multiple listing service shows that the house that Allen owns, at 9262 Nightingale Drive, is “looking for backup,” meaning that he has a buyer, and that the deal is headed for escrow. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the deal will close, but it’s a typically reliable indicator. Allen purchased the house in 2005 for $4,350,000 (and not the “5 million” that the Los Angeles Times’ “Hot Property” column reported in August 2005 when it wrote about the purchase) as a place for his mother to occupy. The house that Allen is selling is less than a block from the 3,540-square-foot Hollywood Hills house that Allen has owned and inhabited since early 2004. We wrote last March 24 about Allen’s listing, although at that time, we didn’t include any photos. We also provided a lengthy list of other properties that Allen also owns; click on the March 24 link to take a look. Features in the four-bedroom house that Allen is selling include three and a half baths, maid’s quarters, an open floor plan, walls of glass, head-on city views, and a large (more than half-acre) yard with a pool, according to listing information. Check out the house’s listing sheet here, and take a peek at the property website for the house here.