A gated, five-bedroom, Spanish-style house in the Toluca Lake area of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley that comedian Damon Wayans owned from 2001 until 2006 is on the market for $4,495,000, just eight months after Wayans quietly sold the house for $3.3 million, according to public records.


In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report that the buyer of Wayans' longtime, 5,632-square-foot house has remodeled it and placed it back on the market for more than $1 million more.

Built in 1928, the house, at 10064 Toluca Lake Avenue, has four and a half baths, a living room with a fireplace, a formal dining room with a wine closet, a kitchen with granite, stainless steel and Viking appliances, and a gym that can be a possible sixth bedroom, according to listing information. Other features include a master suite with a sitting area and a private deck that overlook a wooden deck, a pool and a spa, a fire pit, a dock and a boat, according to listing information. The house is located on the six-acre Toluca Lake.

Check out the listing sheet for the house--complete with photos--here.

Wayans purchased the house for about $2.2 million back in 2001, according to a Los Angeles Times article from 2001.

While small, the Toluca Lake area has had no shortage of star residents over the years, including:

--Denzel Washington, who owned a house designed by famed architect Paul Williams at 4701 Sancola Avenue from 1993 until selling it in 2000 for $1.9 million when he moved to the gated Beverly Park community.

--Actress Markie Post is a longtime Toluca Lake resident, having paid $1,050,000 in 1991 through her M and M Trust to buy the house at 4261 Ledge Avenue in Toluca Lake, according to public records.

--Actor Freddie Prinze owned the house at 4348 Ledge Avenue from 2000, when he purchased it for $3,050,000 through his Jalapeno Trust, until 2003, when he sold the 4,045-square-foot house, according to public records.

--Actor Andy Garcia paid $2,260,000 in 1993 to buy his current 6,747-square-foot house at 4323 Forman Avenue in Toluca Lake from actor Henry Winkler.

--Actor Joe Mantegna owns a 7,336-square-foot house at 10415 Sarah Street that he purchased in 1991 for $1,580,000, according to public records and a 1991 Los Angeles Times article.

--Singer Bing Crosby built the 7,132-square-foot house on a 1.913-acre parcel at 10500 Camarillo Avenue in Toluca Lake in 1936 and lived there in the 1930s and 1940s, while Andy Griffith owned the house from the 1970s to the 1990s. Most recently, actor Jerry Van Dyke owned the house from 1993 until selling it in 1997 to its current owner for $1,930,000, according to public records.

--Bob Hope lived in Toluca Lake for years, dying at his longtime estate there (10346 Moorpark Street) at age 100 in 2003. He had owned that estate since 1938.

--Producer-director Garry Marshall is a longtime Tolucan, having owned the house at 10459 Sarah Street there for decades.

--Actor Alan Thicke also is a longtime resident of Toluca Lake, having been a longtime owner of the 8,656-square-foot house at 10505 Sarah Street.'

--Comedic actor Jonathan Winters has been a longtime Tolucan.

--About a year ago, radio personality Rick Dees placed his longtime, 7,048-square-foot Toluca Lake house, at 8 Toluca Estates Drive, on the market for just below $6 million. He and his wife had built the house in 1990 after tearing down the original house on the more than half-acre property. Built in the 1930s, the original house on the property once had been owned by actress Bette Davis, according to a Los Angeles Times article from last year.

--Finally, comedian George Lopez likes the neighborhood so much that he's owned two different houses in the area--first paying $1,349,000 in 2001 for a house at 4317 Ponca Avenue, and then selling that house in 2004 for $1,850,000 when he paid $2,495,000 for a 5,359-square-foot house in Toluca Lake, at 4332 Mariota Avenue, according to public records.

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