Today, the Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon reports on actor/director Vincent Gallo paying 'nearly $2.2 million' for two loft units in the Biscuit Company loft building in downtown Los Angeles.


Readers of Big Time Listings, however, actually learned all about this back on May 5 (yes, more than five months ago), when we were the first to report on the exact amounts that Gallo had paid for his two newly purchased units. And at the time we were following up on a report by our friends over at Curbed LA, who had broken the story in April of Gallo purchasing his units. As is typical, Ryon's column today offered no attribution or even acknowledgment that Gallo's purchases were written about all over the blogosphere between five and six months ago.

For the record, as we reported back in May, Gallo (pictured, with Courteney Cox) paid $1,645,000 and $508,500 for two separate loft units. That is indeed reasonably close to $2.2 million (actually $2,153,500). Ryon reported today that the less expensive unit will be an office, while the more expensive one will be Gallo's two-story living quarters.

We could talk ad nauseum about Gallo's other real-estate purchases around the L.A. area in the last few years; he's made himself something of a property mogul over the years. As such, we wouldn't be surprised if his stay in the Biscuit Company loft building, at 1850 Industrial Street, were short; he strikes us as a fellow who likes to move around a lot. Stay tuned.