Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have increased the size of their compound in Los Angeles' Los Feliz neighborhood, with Pitt quietly paying $1,100,000 to buy a missing link for his property in the form of a 3,232-square-foot house that his estate largely had surrounded.


In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on Pitt's latest purchase, which like some other property of his was made through his Mondo Bongo Trust (he also owns other properties in his Briarcliff Trust and his Blaircliff Trust). Records show that Pitt purchased the property on August 6 from the estate of the late Anne Tyler Sherman. The deal was recorded on August 11.

Built in 1920, the two-bedroom, former Sherman house -- whose property is shaped like a key -- sits on a 0.25-acre (10,759-square-foot) lot in the Oaks area of Los Feliz. It helps Pitt round out his compound and means that Brad now owns close to 2 full acres in the Oaks.

In fact, we had wondered out loud in a September 2008 post why Pitt had never purchased this critical keystone parcel.

However, when this property became available, it first was listed for a whopping $2,000,000 and later was reduced to $1,495,000, as Curbed LA's guru Marissa Gluck had noticed in June 2009 (without realizing that Pitt's compound surrounded it). Features in the house (we were unable to find listing photos) include two baths, a stone fireplace, a huge main room, a bonus room, and "a bar area and a secret cave," according to the MLS. In addition, the house was advertised as being an estate sale and therefore in need of TLC. Clearly, Brad and Angelina drove some kind of a bargain, to be able to pick the house up for close to half of its original listing price -- and, almost $400,000 below its final asking price.

Pitt's other properties on his compound are as follows:

--The compound’s historically significant, five-bedroom, 5,760-square-foot main Craftsman-style house, which was built in 1915 and which Pitt purchased in 1994 for $1,700,000. That house sits on nearly an acre (a 43,268-square-foot lot), according to public records. Pitt appears to have recently expanded the house, which public records previously had said measured 5,338 square feet.

--Another adjoining 1,653-square-foot house on a small, 0.13-acre (5,606-square-foot) lot, which Pitt purchased in 1998 for $475,000.

--An adjoining 2,454-square-foot house on a 0.29-acre (12,458-square-foot) lot, which Pitt purchased in 1996 for $380,000; as part of the 1996 transaction, Pitt also purchased an adjoining, 0.03-acre (1,307-square-foot) strip of vacant land that he also continues to own.

--An adjoining 1,534-square-foot house on a 0.15-acre (6,530-square-foot) lot, which Pitt purchased in mid-2008 for $1,287,500.

Putting all these parcels together, we see that Pitt now as under his own personal control 79,928 square feet of contiguous land in the Oaks (across six separate parcels!), or more than 1.8 acres of land. In addition, as we noted in September 2008, Pitt, who also not long ago won approval to add a guardhouse to his compound, sold another adjoining 3,141-square-foot house on a 0.30-acre (12,972-square-foot) lot in October 2003 for $740,000 to Richard "Richie" Malchar and Rebecca Malchar, according to public records. Richie Malchar has been identified in various news reports over the years as being Pitt’s security chief (and he has his name on the deeds of many of Pitt's properties as his money manager, as does money manager Cynthia Pett). So in many regards, Malchar's house and parcel could be included as part of Pitt’s compound as well. Pitt also sold a 2,219-square-foot house on a 0.30-acre (13,190-square-foot), uncontiguous tract at 5720 Valley Oak Drive in 2002 for an undisclosed price (north of $1 million, though).

Also, tallying everything up, we see that Pitt has spent $4,933,500 in assembling this compound, or close to $5 million. It's obviously worth a lot more than that now, though, since some of those purchase prices were from long ago.

We have written many times about Pitt's other properties around the country (and world).