Sportscaster Bob Costas has sold his 61st-floor condominium unit in Manhattan’s Time Warner Center for $8,500,000.  The New York Observer’s “The Real Estate” blog yesterday broke the story of Costas’ sale of the unit, which measures either 1,830 square feet (according to public records) or 1,819 square feet (according to the Observer). The New York Post’s fine celebrity real estate columnist Braden Keil then wrote about the sale in his column today.  Records show that the deal, which also included the sale of a storage unit, both went to contract and closed on July 16. The transaction was recorded yesterday afternoon. The buyer of the unit, which has the address of 25 Columbus Circle #61B, was something called Arcus Properties, LLC. In 2005, Costas paid either $5,046,674 for the two-bedroom unit (according to one public records database) or $4,956,222 for the unit (according to New York County), according to public records. Costas later turned it into a three-bedroom unit, the Observer noted. Costas sold in the Time Warner Center because he paid either $10,820,000 or $11,017,465 (both figures appear in public records) last November for a new three-bedroom, 3,444-square-foot condominium unit in the vaunted 15 Central Park West complex, a transaction that we wrote about on December 31, 2007 and earlier on May 14, 2007. We wrote about his other properties in our May 14, 2007 post, and loyal commenter tlp333 provided his own take on this in the comments in our December 31, 2007 post.