Actress Lindsay Wagner has sold a three-bedroom house in Chatsworth, Calif. for $649,000, according to public records.

Wagner, 57, paid $512,000 in 2004 for the 1,931-square-foot detached house, according to public records. Built in 1989, the two-story, contemporary-style house, at 11327 Old Ranch Circle in Chatsworth, has three baths, a private rear yard and an upstairs balcony, according to public records and listing information. Wagner originally had listed the house for $659,900, according to listing information.

Contrary to the Los Angeles Times' report today on the sale, the place that Wagner sold technically is not a condominium unit with common walls but actually is a detached stand-alone dwelling. However, the development that the house is in is defined as a condominium development (i.e., no sole ownership of a yard).

Check out the online listing sheet for the house--complete with photos--here.

Wagner has owned a variety of properties in the Los Angeles area over the years, both in her own name and in her Saranya Trust (sometimes spelled Sarayna Trust). Her principal residence is a two-bedroom, 2,466-square-foot house at 22829 Oxnard Street in Los Angeles' Woodland Hills area that she purchased in 2003 for $715,000, according to public records. Other properties that she has owned include a five-bedroom, 2,489-square-foot Mediterranean-style house at 1111 Fiske Street in Los Angeles' Pacific Palisades area that she purchased in early 1995 from singer Herb Albert for $770,000 and sold in 1999 for $950,000; and a 3,523-square-foot house on 9.58 acres at 21570 Hillside Drive in Topanga, Calif. that she purchased in 1999 for $925,000 and sold in 2003 for $1.3 million, according to public records.