Rocker Avril Lavigne reportedly has received a $5,200,000 cash offer for her mansion in the Mulholland Estates subdivision in the Beverly Hills, Calif. postal area,according to a reportposted online yesterday by the Los Angeles Times’ “Hot Property” columnist, Ann Brenoff have no reason to doubt Brenoff’s report that Avril received the $5,200,000 offer on her house at 3331 Clerendon Road, which had been listed most recently for $5,800,000. However, we’re more than slightly baffled by Brenoff’s assertion that Avril had gotten the cash offer “just 36 days” after listing the mansion. While it might be the case that the house has been listed for $5,800,000 for just 36 days, Lavigne’s house most assuredly has been up for sale for far longer than that—actually, for well over a year.There have been many stops and starts in Avril’s listing odyssey of the Clerendon Road house, which is why we approach Brenoff’s latest report with more than a little trepidation. Avril first listed the 6,864-square-foot mansion in the spring of 2007 (and again, we repeat, *not* “36 days” ago) for $6,900,000, aswe had reportedon March 20, 2007. She pulled the mansion off the market later that year, but put it back up for sale in November 2007 for $6,200,000, aswe had reportedon November 28, 2007. Check out our past posts for more details on Lavigne’s housing situation. Two quick facts: 1) Avril now lives in the mansion at 2180 Stratford Circle in Los Angeles’ Bel-Air area, which she purchased last year through her Stratford Trust for $9,500,000; and 2) the rocker paid $4,550,000 through her 4173546 Canada company to buy the Clerendon Road house in 2004. Also, take a look at Avril’s video for “Don’t Tell Me”—in which the pint-sized Lavigne tries to pass for a tough gal—here.