Detective author Robert Crais and his psychotherapist wife Pat have paid $2,975,000 for a house in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills that is next door to a house that long has been owned by actress Jennifer Aniston.


In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on the purchase by Crais, who is in his 50s and who started out penning scripts for TV shows. Built in 1986, Crais’ new four-bedroom house measures exactly 4,200 square feet and has two baths and a pool, according to public records. The house sits on a 0.37-acre lot, according to public records.

Public records reveal that the house once was owned by uber-TV show creator David E. Kelley, who sold it in 1994 for $559,500 to the individual who just sold it to Crais.

Crais’ new house is immediately to the north of a 2,903-square-foot house that Aniston purchased in 1995 for $742,500, according to public records. She still owns the house, and reportedly rents it out. The rest of the street also has been celebrity-intensive over the years, with residents having included Alan Thicke (and now his son, Robin) and Joan Dangerfield as well.