Author Anne Rice has sold a four-bedroom house that she owned in Kenner, La. for $2,265,000.


In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on Rice's sale of the house at 6 Oakland Road in Kenner, which is a large New Orleans suburb. We previously had written on December 19 about Rice's other properties around the U.S., so please check out that post for more details about Rice's divestitures of her houses in New Orleans proper, and also about the houses she now owns in southern California.

However, until recently, Rice also had owned a house in Kenner, La. Records show that Rice sold the house at 6 Oakland Road on August 21, with the deed being recorded on August 26. The buyer is not a celebrity. The house had been listed for $2,900,000. Details about the house are a little scarce (there's not a ton of information in the listing information we were able to find), but we do know that the house has five full baths, two half baths, a grand salon, a study, a music room, an upstairs "gathering room" or den, and a home theater with "sophisticated equipment," according to listing information.

Rice appears to have purchased this house in late 2004 or sometime in 2005.

Check out an online listing sheet for the house that Rice sold in August -- without photos, we're sorry to say.

Rice also has been shown over the years to have resided (for the purpose of campaign contributions, etc.) at another address in Kenner, a few blocks west of the house that she recently sold. However, our cursory read of public records indicates that that house has been owned by someone else for many years. Perhaps that's the address of a manager of Rice's (although that doesn't appear to be the case), or maybe she rented the house for a time. However, nothing -- at this writing, at least -- indicates to us that Rice ever actually owned that other house, which is on Monte Carlo Drive in Kenner.