Today, Ruth Ryon, who writes the Los Angeles Times' "Hot Property" column, reports that actress Cassandra Peterson has purchased a house in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles for "close to $1.8 million." However, Big Time Listings readers first read about Peterson's purchase--and, got a more accurate purchase price to boot--fully four weeks ago, when we were the first to report on July 1 that Peterson had paid $1,698,000 for the 2,821-square-foot house.

We often write about items that first appear elsewhere. However, we always try to give credit where credit is due (once in a blue moon, we don't do so, and often when we don't, our readers usually remind us of that!). We're not sure why Ryon has thus far ignored the blogosphere when it comes to giving credit--particularly when she does give attribution in her lead item today to several of Mel Gibson's non-Los Angeles real-estate transactions having originally been reported by Bloomberg News and a Costa Rican publication. We'd respectfully ask that she start giving bloggers the same level of attribution for being the first to report on real-estate transactions that she later reports on, particularly given how many Los Angeles-area "scoops" that we and our friends over at the Real Estalker have made.

We should also note that Ryon's lead item today--about actor Mel Gibson selling his estate at 31430 Broad Beach Road in Malibu, Calif. for nearly $30 million--is a transaction that we also first reported, back on July 12. However, we freely admit that we weren't 100% certain at that time that Gibson had truly transferred the Broad Beach estate to another party--our item noted at that time that we couldn't tell who was behind 2XMD Partners LLC, which was listed as the buyer, and we couldn't confirm whether that was a separate entity or whether that was a corporation that Gibson had some stake in. And in that item, we came out and asked readers for their insight into the deal (they had none). So we give Ryon kudos for confirming Gibson's sale of the property. And, we can advance the story a little further now; state incorporation records show that an attorney named Kenneth A. Ehrlich, whose pic and bio are here, is at least one of the individuals behind 2XMD Partners LLC.

Also, we should note that Gibson's Malibu sale price has not yet cleared public records, so we can't independently confirm Ryon's report that it truly did sell for "nearly $30 million." When the sale does clear public records, we'll print Gibson's sale price here.