Artist David Hockney has sold a 1,908-square-foot house in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills to his former lover Gregory Evans, who now is Hockney's working partner and friend, for $600,000.

In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on Hockney's sale of the house at 2921 Montcalm Avenue in the Hollywood Hills. The deal took place earlier this year, but we haven't gotten around to reporting on it until now.

Hockney, 70, easily is one of the most important and famous living artists on the planet. A longtime resident of the Los Angeles area, his works include the pictured 1967 'American Collectors: Portrait of Fred and Marcia Weisman,' which hangs in Chicago's Art Institute, 'A Bigger Splash,' 'Mulholland Drive: The Road to the Studio,' 'Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Percy,' and many, many others.

Built in 1952, the Hollywood Hills house that Hockney sold has three bedrooms and three baths and sits on a 0.29-acre lot, according to public records. Hockney had owned the property since 1993, according to public records.

Hockney's longtime L.A.-area residence is a 2,819-square-foot house that is next door to the house that he just sold. He previously had owned a 1,643-square-foot beach house at 21039 Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, but he sold that in March 1999 for around $1.5 million.

Although we have no information on the property that Hockney sold (and no pictures), and therefore can't ascertain the condition of the house, the $600,000 sale price seems like a steal to us -- a cut-rate price for someone to whom Hockney obviously is very close. Plus, the deal affords him the ability to control who his neighbors are on his short street, which is just off Woodrow Wilson Drive.