Since Lindsay Lohan's release from rehab, one unanswered question is: where will LiLo hang her hat?


One of our favorite gossip websites,, reported yesterday that Lohan is very short on cash -- and, that she has moved in to the Los Angeles guest house of film producer Tom Gores. Where is Gores' house, you ask? Why, in the Mulholland Estates subdivision in the Beverly Hills post office (but technically in Los Angeles' Sherman Oaks area). And yet another of Mulholland Estates' best-known residents is none other than...Paris Hilton, who recently purchased the house at 3340 Clerendon Road in Mulholland Estates.

We're not yet able to substantiate's claim of where LiLo is living (nor can we confirm if the partying youngster is indeed broke), but at the same time, we have no reason to doubt it. And there's no question that Gores, who is the brother of bigshot Alec Gores, has one heck of a nice property. Records show that Tom Gores owns a 10,479-square-foot house at 14143 Beresford Road in Mulholland Estates, which he purchased in 1999 for $4,595,000, according to public records. In addition, Gores also owns a 4,050-square-foot house across the street at 14152 Beresford Road. Could Gores' guesthouse be on either of those properties? If's report is correct, then it's highly likely that that's the case. Readers?

As we have reported in the past, Lohan previously owned a 2,117-square-foot unit in Los Angeles' Sierra Towers that she purchased in August 2005 for $1,975,000 and sold early this year for $2,300,000. There appears to be no truth to the longstanding rumors that Lohan would purchase a unit in the Atelier building in New York City.

Gores' spokesman has been telling a variety of media, both in this country and overseas that Lindsay is not staying in Gores' guest house. Readers?