Animator and animated TV show producer Gabor Csupo has his four-bedroom, 4,240-square-foot oceanfront house in Honolulu on the market for $5,500,000.


In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on the longstanding (since July 20) listing by the Hungarian-born Csupo, 56, of his eight-room house in Honolulu. This is the final of the leftover items from 2008 that we had wanted to get to (and had hoped to get to over the holidays!) in a sort of cleaning-out-of-our-closets (but that we had not had a chance to do so until now). Csupo's listing last summer initially drew our attention because it was billed as a "celebrity"-owned property. And while Csupo isn't a household name, he is big in the world of animation (a Google search for him yields 103,000 results!), and more important, the programs he's produced -- "Rugrats," "Duckman," et al -- are of course very, very popular.


In addition, Csupo is a longtime owner of a 7,311-square-foot house on Mulholland Drive in Beverly Hills, Calif.'s postal area, which we'll discuss in a moment. First, though, let's talk about his property in Hawaii that he wants to unload after a fairly short holding period.

Built in 2000 and designed by Hawaiian architect (and convicted tax cheat) Hamlet "Lucky" Bennett, Csupo's house has three and a half baths, high-end appliances, custom lighting, wireless Internet, built-in speakers, a security system, a sun deck, HD cable/HDTV, a koi pond entry, and an outdoor hot tub, according to listing information. Csupo's house sits on a 0.23-acre (10,204-square-foot) lot, according to public records.

Records show that Csupo purchased the property in Honolulu for $5,775,000 on November 30, 2005 (deal recorded on December 5, 2005), meaning that Csupo is likely to take a loss on this property.

As for Csupo's Los Angeles-area residence, it is in the Beverly Hills, Calif. mailing area (known as the Beverly Hills Post Office or the BH PO), in a star-studded neighborhood. And, because it also has some celebrity provenance of its own, we'd like to add a note about it.

Built in 1948, Csupo's house in the Beverly Hills Post Office sits on a 1.38-acre parcel right on Mulholland Drive, directly across the street from actor Jack Nicholson's longtime spread (which Jack expanded a few years ago by purchasing the late Marlon Brando's adjacent property). It's also just a short distance down the road from actor Warren Beatty's longtime 9,401-square-foot house.

And Csupo's BH PO house has its own previous celebrity ownership history as well. Records show that Csupo purchased the house in July 1998 for $1,300,000 from a non-celebrity, less than two months after that non-celebrity had purchased it for $985,000 from musician, bassist and record producer Don Was.

As a total aside, we're not sure where Don Was (whose real name is Don Fagenson) is living these days. For a long time, he had owned a 5,238-square-foot house at 10984 Bellagio Road in Los Angeles' Bel-Air area, but he sold that house in early 2004 for $3,480,000, according to public records.

As another total aside, we should sit down one of these days and give our readers a full fleshing-out of all of the properties on Mulholland Drive that Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty own -- how long they've owned each one, how much they paid for them (some of Nicholson's properties in particular date back to the late 1960s or early 1970s!). Would any readers be interested in reading something like that?