Commenters have been all over us this week to provide details on the new home in Los Angeles’ Brentwood area that actress Nicole Kidman was reported by the Los Angeles Times’ soon-to-retire Ruth Ryon on Sunday to have been “settling” into after having purchased recently for $7 million. nicole1.jpg Trust us, dear readers – we would love to have given you that information. But here’s the thing – it didn’t happen. Kidman never bought the house. There was no purchase, and Tom Cruise’s ex is still looking for a home. How do we know this? It all started last weekend, when Ryon’s Sunday column that led with Kidman’s “purchase” was uploaded to the Internet. We had a huge amount of trouble finding the Kidman home (unusual for us!), so we spent literally hours and hours over the weekend (ask our neglected family members!) searching every which way for homes in Brentwood and also in the nearby Pacific Palisades area (that were built in 1964 and that were around 5,600 square feet) that might fit Ryon’s lead item. But we could find nothing. So we waited hopefully on our faithful counterparts and good friends over at the Real Estalker, figuring that one of Your Mama’s searches would yield something or that one of “her” sources would leak some good stuff to her on the purchase. But that never happened either! So on a whim this morning, we decided to check the trusty LexisNexis news article database (which includes newspaper corrections) to see if a correction or clarification might have been quietly published in the Los Angeles Times this week on some aspect of the Kidman item. Given her 23-plus years writing the column, we thought, there’s no way that Ryon would muff the *entire* item. But, it turns out, we were wrong. The Los Angeles Times yesterday very, very quietly ran the following correction in its “For the record” section: “Hot Property: The April 6 column reported that Nicole Kidman had purchased a Brentwood home for $7 million. Kidman looked at the home a few months ago but did not purchase it, according to her publicist Catherine Olim of PMK/HBH. She is still looking for a home, Olim reports.” The correction has been uploaded to the Internet link to the April 6 “Hot Property” column and now occupies a spot in the center of the lead item. We all make mistakes, of course. However, this situation (on the eve of Ryon’s swan song column next week) should remind everyone here that it never hurts for all of us – experienced (soon-to-retire!) and junior hands alike – to check our leads as many times as possible, following the journalism dictum made famous by the late, great City News Bureau in Chicago: “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.” For more on Kidman’s other properties, check out our January 3 post on some of her real estate. She also has been rumored more recently to have purchased the mansion in Nashville that had been reported by the Nashville Post to have been purchased by Jessica Simpson. Stay tuned, all – clearly, Kidman’s real-estate portfolio is in flux these days.