There is an update on the mongo real estate purchases that Martha Stewart’s daughter Alexis was reported by the New York Observer—and subsequently, by us—to have recently made. Apparently the domestic doyenne herself will be the one inhabiting the $35 million worth of real estate in the building at 165 Charles Street in Manhattan’s West Village, the New York Post reports. The Post’s fine celebrity real estate columnist Braden Keil clears up the confusion today surrounding whether Alexis Stewart, 41, truly would, as the Observer had reported, occupy the five units in total that the family’s Triplex LLC company have purchased in the building in recent months. Keil reports that “the goddess of good taste,” whose only current city residence is a one-bedroom pied-a-terre on Fifth Avenue that she has owned since 1988, has bought big in the 16-story, crystalline condominium building, which overlooks the Hudson River. Most recently, Stewart purchased two units that make up the entire 15th floor of the building—a 4,897-square-foot apartment with dual balconies. Stewart bought those units from art-magazine baroness Louise T. Blouin MacBain, who will continue to own the building’s penthouse unit. It’s still unclear if all five of Stewart’s units are contiguous, since the unit numbers that are shown in public records do not appear to be correlated to specific floors. However, by virtue of the fact that her Triplex LLC company was formed only last year (and probably solely for the purposes of these property purchases), it’s easy to assume that the three units that Stewart purchased in September for $19,119,000 are immediately below the 15th-floor units that she just recently purchased. Therefore, it’s highly likely that the five units in total will make up a triplex apartment. It’s also uncertain why Alexis Stewart was associated with the unit in the first place, but we appreciate Keil for clearing up the mystery. Back in August 2006, the New York Times’ “Big Deal” column reported on the $19,119,000 purchase and ascribed it to Alexis, and not her mother. That may have been how the rumor took on a life of its own. One final note: the domestic diva has owned in the West Village in the past. In August 2004, she sold a 4,000-square-foot, unfinished duplex penthouse unit in the green-glass, Richard Meier-designed building at 173 Perry Street for $6.65 million. She had purchased that unit in 2002 for $6.1 million, although she actually had signed a contract to buy the unit back in 2000, while the building was still in its planning stages. Martha never moved into that unit, unloading it just before she became a well-known 24-hour-a-day guest of the federal penal system after she was convicted of lying to investigators about a stock sale.