The 5,554-square-foot Mulholland Drive home in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills that game-show stud Alex Trebek once owned and that has recently been on the market for $2,995,000 has just been pulled from the market after four months in the MLS.


In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on the recent action regarding the "Jeopardy!" host's onetime house, which is at 7966 Mulholland Drive in the Hills. Our pal E.J. over at the Movieland Directory long has noted Trebek's ownership of the home. And indeed, public records show that the formerly mustachioed Trebek owned the 15-room house from the time he designed it and had it built (in 1984) until he sold it for $940,000 on December 27, 1995 (deed recorded on January 4, 1996) to the family that currently owns it. During the time that Trebek owned it, he got married and moved to a more family-style house in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley.

Perched on the south side of Mulholland, the four-bedroom former Trebek house at 7966 Mulholland has a master suite with 20-foot ceilings, a large loft office, a wine cellar, a patio and two large walk-in closets, according to public records and listing information. Other features in the house include a two-story living room with black granite floors and a state of the art sound system, a dining room with a sunny atrium, and a gourmet kitchen, according to listing information. Outdoor features on the 2.094-acre property include a long private driveway, a pool and spa and views of the lights and mountains, according to public records and listing information.

The house had come on the market on July 23 and is a probate sale.

Check out an online listing sheet for the house -- including photos.

Since 1995, Trebek has owned a 9,993-square-foot house on a 1.63-acre parcel in the Fryman Estates area of Los Angeles' Studio City area, according to public records. That house was built in 1923. Trebek also owns the 4,068-square-foot house on a 0.66-acre (28,750-square-foot) lot next door, according to public records. Retired baseball star Pete Rose rented the smaller house from Trebek from 1996 until 1999, when Rose purchased his own 4,719-square-foot home in L.A.'s Sherman Oaks area, which Rose owns to this day.