After our involuntary three-day vacation because of monstrous technical issues, we're back in the saddle and ready to share and discuss celebrity real estate.  Just a few quick words before we dig back in to the thick of it:

--Hats off to our webmaster Scott Berg for getting things under control.  The fixes required were far more extensive than he (or anyone) could have imagined.  We're trying to repair the remaining issues (e.g., getting the last five most recent comments restored to the right gutter, etc.) over the next few days.

--Thanks to all the well-wishers who so very kindly inquired about the fate of our little blog (Lisa the Digger, the Real Estalker, etc.).  It really warmed our hearts to know that we were missed, and that we're a part of your daily blog diet!  We're hopeful that we'll be able to remain a daily staple in that diet for quite some time to come!  (Confidential to the Real Estalker: dang, have you been busy since our site went down!  Great stuff from you over this holiday weekend!)

--Before we get back to individual items, we thought we'd direct your attention to a hilarious post last week by about Matthew McConaughey's new digs in Malibu, Calif., which we wrote about on November 4 and again on November 14.  Check it out here.  TMZ's characterization of the house as "Clampettish" is quite amusing, we think.