Actress/entrepreneur Suzanne Somers and her husband Alan Hamel have placed their 65-acre, pretentiously named Les Baux de Palm Springs estate in Palm Springs, Calif. on the market for $35,000,000.


Coverage of the listing of the estate, at 385 Alta Vista Road in Palm Springs, has been all over the place in the last 48 hours. Our friends over at the Real Estalker penned the first write-up that we saw on the listing, although they of course referenced the fact that the Palm Springs Life actually got the scoop on the story in its January 2008 issue. And the Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon tomorrow will publish a lead column item on Somers listing as well.




Given how much everyone has written about the listing, it's unclear what else we can add about the estate that Somers is selling. However, we can add five general comments:

--Somers is saying to the press that she and Hamel are readying a move to an adjacent, approximately 15-acre parcel that they own

--Palm Springs Life tells us that Somers and Hamel named the estate after a favorite French town of theirs, Les Baux de Provence. One can only hope that the next buyer has the good sense (or good taste) to rename the estate to something -- anything -- other than "Les Baux de Palm Springs." We majored in French in college, and we can tell you that "de" in front of anything that isn't French sounds ridiculous.

--Check out a virtual tour of the estate at

-- Somers and Hamel own a lot more acreage in Palm Springs than what's being described in accounts so far. Records show that they own a 432.85-acre parcel, along with a 39.08-acre tract, a 28.08-acre parcel, a 12.71-acre parcel that they purchased for $381,500 in 2006, a 3.21-acre parcel (which includes the house that they're selling), a 1.17-acre parcel, a 0.86-acre tract, a 0.49-acre parcel, a 0.47-acre tract and a 0.22-acre parcel, according to public records. That adds up to a total of 519.14 acres in total in Palm Springs, owned either through their Galway Trust or their Calway Trust (or simply in the name of their money manager, Clifton G. Lamb, Jr.

--Somers has had a terrible experience with fires, as has been widely reported. In January 2007, her 2,001-square-foot house at 24266 Malibu Road in Malibu, Calif. burned to the ground. And, actor Sonny Bono saved her house in Palm Springs from a fire 20 years earlier. On Friday (yesterday), Somers told CNN's Larry King that regarding her property in Malibu, "I haven't rebuilt yet. I don't own any things yet. I have a few clothes. I haven't done much about it. There's an empty lot. It looks exactly like it did. We just haven't gotten all the permits." Now renting in Malibu, Somers added that "I'm going to build a fireproof house. But it's not going to be pretty....It's going to be concrete and roll down steel shutters with concrete underneath and a sprinkler system. I think if you live in a fire prone area, I'm surprised they don't even require that you should build as fireproof a house as you can. It's going to come again. That I know."

--We wish Somers luck with getting a buyer to pay anywhere near that listing price. We'll keep you posted with what happens with that.