Actress Winona Ryder has unloaded her longtime co-op apartment in Manhattan's Gramercy Park area for $2,200,000. The New York Observer's Lysandra Ohrstrom broke the story on Monday on the paper's "The Real Estate" blog of Ryder's sale of the second-floor co-op unit in the 12-story, 1911 building at One Lexington Avenue in Gramercy Park. Given that Ryder sold the unit to her upstairs neighbors, there is sadly no listing information available for the unit. Records show that Ryder's sale was recorded on Monday morning. The deed document suggests that the sale closed on June 3 and that the deed was prepared on June 6. Ryder is a longtime Left Coaster, having had homes in San Francisco and Los Angeles in addition to her place in Gramercy Park. Could the sale of her Gramercy Park place be the result of cash-flow problems on Ryder's part? Hard to know for sure. But regardless, we'd be very surprised if Ryder surfaced again as a property owner in New York; we suspect that it's far more likely that she'll be living in S.F. and L.A. only from now on.