In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on the 50-year-old Stone's latest asking price for the house, which is at 2201 N. Beverly Drive. The multiple listing service shows that a new price was placed on the house on Wednesday.The Sharon Stone saga seems to be never-ending. The house on Beverly Drive is one that she purchased in early 2006 (back before we started blogging) for $10,995,000, never moved into, and then promptly put right back on the market in mid-2006 for $12,500,000 (Stone long has owned and occupied the 7,789-square-foot house nearby, at 1338 Dawnridge Drive). The various incarnations of the house's asking price have been written about ad infinitum by our peers, but never, for whatever reason, much by us. (We only briefly referencedStone's original listing back on January 4, when discussing another house in the area.)Let's (try to) walk through the Stone chronology -- apologies if we miss any points on this lengthy timeline: --February 2006: Stone's Vanguard Trust pays $10,995,000 for the house on Beverly Drive. --April 16, 2006: The Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon writes a column item about Stone's $10,995,000 purchase of the Beverly Drive house. --July 30, 2006:Ryon writesa column item about Stone turning right around and placing the Beverly Drive house on the market for $12,500,000. --Spring 2007: Stone takes the Beverly Drive house off the market. --June 17, 2007, Our friends over at theReal Estalker break the newsthat the Beverly Drive house has been chopped to a listing price of $11,500,000. --October 26, 2007: Our friends over at theReal Estalker reporton Stone having reduced the Beverly Drive mansion's asking price to $10,495,000 -- yes, below her original purchase price. --April 26, 2008: Our friends over at the Real Estalker break the story that Stone now is offering to lease the Beverly Drive house for $58,000 a month. --May 14, 2008: Stone's Beverly Drive house comes on the MLS for $10,000,000. Built in 1991, the seven-bedroom house that Stone is trying to sell has eight baths, an open floor plan, and a lagoon pool and a tennis court with a viewing pavilion, according to public records and listing information. The house also has a two-bedroom guest house with a gym and a media room, according to listing information. Check out an online listing sheet for the house that Stone is selling -- complete with photos --here. .