Actress Shannen Doherty has placed a 3,410-square-foot house that she owns in Malibu, Calif. back on the market for $4,000,000, after having had it on the market last year for $4,400,000.



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The Los Angeles Times' Lauren Beale wrote on May 28 about Doherty's new asking price for the house. Beale neglected to mention, however, that Doherty has tried to sell this house before -- and recently, at that; last year, we exclusively had reported on April 7, 2008 that Doherty had placed this house on the market for $4,400,000.

Doherty, who starred in “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Charmed,” paid $2,560,000 in April 2004 through her Senior Moments Trust for the house on Winding Way, according to public records. Built in 1976, the five-bedroom house has four and a half baths, high-pitched ceilings, multiple skylights, terra-cotta floors, a fireplace in the kitchen, and a master suite with a corner fireplace and beautiful finishes, according to public records and listing information. Outside on the 1.1-acre property are ocean views, landscaped grounds, a long flower-lined driveway, a large motor court, rolling lawns, towering trees, fragrant gardens, outdoor patios and a pool and spa, according to public records and listing information.

Check out the neat interior photos of this house -- pics that we didn't have when Doherty's house came on the market in April 2008. In particular, pay close attention to the Shannen Doherty shrine, which features framed memorabilia from the actress' showbiz career, including her June 1999 Maxim magazine cover!

Beale also reported that Doherty listed the house because she's planning on spending more time in New York (where we haven't yet been able to show Doherty to be any kind of landowner). That may be the case, although we'd hasten to add that (unreported by Beale) Doherty also continues to own another house in Malibu -- a four-bedroom, 3,601-square-foot house that was built in 1977 and that sits on a 0.23-acre lot, according to public records.