Actress Kate Jackson has sold her second house in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley in the last six months, unloading a house in L.A.’s Studio City area for an undisclosed price.


In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on the sale of Jackson’s 2,654-square-foot house at 3200 Oakdell Lane in Los Angeles’ Studio City neighborhood. The sale closed on May 15 and was recorded on June 14, according to public records. Although we weren’t able to get a sale price or a listing sheet for the four-bedroom house, which Jackson had purchased in mid-2001 for $1,095,000, we will provide a sale price here as soon as it clears public records.

Back in February, Jackson sold her 1,811-square-foot house at 3930 Dixie Canyon Avenue in the nearby Sherman Oaks neighborhood for $800,000. We wrote ( about that item on May 12. However, we clearly were wrong in our post when we stated that (following up on what the Los Angeles Times’ Ruth Ryon had written at the same time) Jackson was moving to another home she owns in Studio City. Clearly, if Jackson has moved to another home she owns in Studio City, it’s not the one she just sold!

Built in 1951, the Oakdell Lane house that Jackson just sold sits on almost exactly a half-acre of land. And, it’s in a celebrity-heavy section of the San Fernando Valley. Just a few blocks away is Academy Award-winning actor George Clooney’s longtime, 7,354-square-foot house on 3.16 acres at 3240 Iredell Lane. He purchased that spread in 1995 through his George Guifoyle Trust, according to public records. And comedienne Carol Leifer and her partner, Lori Wolf, also live nearby in a five-bedroom, 4,125-square-foot traditional-style house at 3101 Fryman Road, which they purchased in 2006 for $2,827,500, according to public records.

We’ll of course keep you posted on where Jackson winds up.