Actress Julianna Margulies has placed her three-bedroom house in Santa Monica, Calif. on the market for $4,500,000.


As we continue to catch up on items that others wrote about during our unplanned hacking-related hiatus last month, Margulies' listing was one that we wanted to make sure our readers didn't miss hearing about from us. On September 25, the Los Angeles Times' Ann Brenoff broke the story (,0,3541338.story) online of the 42-year-old Margulies' listing of her lone house in Southern California. Indeed, records show that the 'ER' actress listed the house on September 15. Her agent also took the unusual step of omitting the house's address from the MLS -- which usually raises a red flag with celebrity real estate gossips like us (as we scan listings in the MLS) that a house might be celebrity-owned.


Built in 1927, Margulies' house has two and a half baths, a den/library, an office, an open-spaced chef's kitchen, and a living room with a beamed ceiling and a wood-burning fireplace, according to public records and listing information. The house's total size is (minimally) in question; public records say it measures 3,178 square feet, while Brenoff and listing information say it contains 3,235 square feet. Outside on the rather small, 0.17-acre (7,497-square-foot) lot are a swimming pool and a detached, one-bedroom, one-bath guest house, according to public records and listing information.

Records show that Margulies purchased the house in 1996 through her whimsically named trust (which we will name once she sells the house) for $1,395,000. We're beginning to see a trend here, too, regarding former 'ER' cast members' property trust names -- almost all of which are very dorky in nature.

Brenoff reported that actress Kyra Sedgwick currently is renting the house.

So where is Margulies, who wed Keith Lieberthal (whom she's pictured with) in November 2007, living now? She has owned at least two other residences over the years, and sold a third one:

--A seventh-floor, 1,589-square-foot condo unit in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood that she purchased in her own name in late 2004 for $2,395,000 (or $2,438,709, including all 'personal property') that she continues to own to this day;

--A 2.05-acre apparently vacant tract on Long Pond Road in Great Barrington, Mass., in the Berkshires, which she purchased in 1998 for $50,000 and still owns, according to public records;

--A co-op unit in the building at 140 W. 69th Street on Manhattan's Upper West Side that Margulies sold in 2004 for $1,125,000, according to public records. Margulies previously had owned that unit with her ex-boyfriend, Ron Eldard, whom she broke up with in 2003.