Actor Ving Rhames has placed a 5,900-square-foot house that he owns in Los Angeles' Brentwood area on the market for $6,850,000.


In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on Rhames' latest listing of a house that he owns in Brentwood. This listing, which is in Brentwood's Brentwood Park neighborhood, hit the market on Friday, and now is on top of another house elsewhere in Brentwood that Rhames previously had listed back in October for $2,699,000 (and which still has not yet sold; earlier this month, it was reduced to $2,099,000).

Let's stick to the house that Rhames just placed on the market, however. Located on San Vicente Boulevard, the five-bedroom, 5,900-square-foot house was purchased by Rhames for $6,500,000 in August 2006, according to public records. It also stands directly next door to what ostensibly is Rhames' principal dwelling -- his 10,613-square-foot mansion, which also is on San Vicente Boulevard and which he acquired in 2000 for $4,750,000, according to public records.

Now, however, Rhames is selling off this 5,900-square-foot house next to his mansion, and he's poised to make little to no profit whatsoever on the deal after fees, depending on what kind of offer he accepts.

Built in 1993, the San Vicente Boulevard house that Rhames is selling has five and a half baths, Palladian windows, tall ceilings, large-scale entertaining rooms, a mahogany library, a grand staircase, a master suite with a balcony, three additional suites, and a cook's kitchen with a breakfast area, according to public records and listing information. Outdoor features on the gated, 0.59-acre (25,875-square-foot) property include mature trees, a grassy yard, a pool, a pergola, fountains, and a large two-story guest house, according to public records and listing information.

We have no idea why Rhames is selling off this 5,900-square-foot house next door to his mansion. We'll keep you posted on if the house sells (and if so, for how much). Stay tuned.

Oh, and before anyone asks, yes, we *are* aware of the infamous and horrific dog-mauling incident that occurred in 2007 on Rhames' San Vicente Boulevard properties. We're just not convinced that the sickening incident (which we'd prefer to say as little about as possible) has anything to do with his decision to list one of his two San Vicente Boulevard houses. We'll leave it to our readers to guess another reason why this 5,900-square-foot house is on the market (and why Rhames has reduced his asking price for his house elsewhere in Brentwood from $2,699,000 to $2,099,000).