Actor Josh Duhamel has been active in the real estate market, paying in the neighborhood of $5 million for a new house in Brentwood, and reportedly selling his longtime, 2,516-square-foot house on the same street for close to its $2,399,000 listing price. The fact that Duhamel, who stars on TV's "Las Vegas" and also in the upcoming summer movie "Transformers," has been on the move is hardly new. Back in mid-April, Curbed LA first broke the story of Duhamel listing his longtime, 2,516-square-foot house at 1135 N. Kenter Avenue in Brentwood, which he purchased in his own name in 2003 for $1,475,000, according to public records, and which he transferred the following year into his Brentwood Rentals & Development Trust. We soon followed up with a report on the listing, and our friends over at the Real Estalker weighed in as well. Then, the Real Estalker almost immediately followed up with a fine reporton Duhamel and his dancing lady friend Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson being rumored to have bought the 8,232-square-foot house up the street at 1310 N. Kenter Avenue, which had been listed for $5,299,000. Now, in today's Los Angeles Times, columnist Ruth Ryon reports on Duhamel having sold the smaller house, although she makes no mention of him having purchased the larger one up the street, and in fact, reports something to the contrary--that Duhamel "hasn't stayed in Brentwood." To sort all of this out, let's use bullet points that are favored by consultants and real estate agents everywhere: --The public records databases that we use don't yet show that Duhamel's 2,516-square-foot house at 1135 N. Kenter Avenue has closed, although Ryon virtually always is correct with that kind of information. When those databases do provide that information in the coming weeks, we'll tell you about it here. Plus, when we get the exact sale price, we'll report it here as well. As we noted in an exclusive post this past week, public records eventually reveal that Ryon's definition of an actual sale price being "close to" a given asking price can be a pretty broad range. --Duhamel did indeed purchase the 8,232-square-foot house at 1310 N. Kenter Avenue, buying it on March 16 (it closed on April 6) through two trusts: the Chez La Rue Trust and the SAF Trust, according to public records. Unfortunately, the purchase price isn't yet available. When it becomes available, we'll provide that information here. It's reasonable to assume that one of the trusts belongs to Duhamel and that one belongs to Ferguson. --The 8,232-square-foot house that Duhamel purchased at 1310 N. Kenter indeed had been owned by director Brian De Palma at one time, although Duhamel did not buy it directly from De Palma. As the Real Estalker noted back in April, the director, who had purchased it in 1998, sold the house in December 2005 to a couple for $2,272,500, according to public records. That couple then sold the house to Duhamel. --The pictures you see above are of the house that Duhamel reportedly just sold.