Actor Gregory Harrison and his retired actress wife, Randi Oakes, have placed their estate in southeast Oregon on the market for $5,900,000. gh-i.jpggh-iv.jpggh-v.jpggh-vi.jpggh-ii.jpggh-iii.jpg The Los Angeles Times’ Ruth Ryon wrote this past Sunday about the couple’s listing of their more than 45-acre (and maybe 55-acre, depending on news accounts) estate, at 29850 Harrison Ridge Road in Gold Beach, Ore. (and yes, it does appear that the couple’s street has a vanity name, since it obviously was named after themselves) We’re not exactly sure when Harrison purchased the property, but it has been widely reported that Harrison and Oakes built their custom home on the estate in 1992 on a 425-foot-high bluff that faces the Pacific Ocean. And, In Style magazine reported in 1995 that the Harrison family had headed up to Oregon five years earlier (i.e., in 1990) to find their dream homesite. That’s why we’re not sure why Ryon reported on Sunday that Harrison had owned the estate “for nearly 10 years” – since it’s clearly been a lot longer than that. Harrison and Oakes’ eight-bedroom, 10,047-square-foot, Cape Cod-style home has eight and a half baths and a separate apartment area with two living areas, according to listing information. Other features on the gated hilltop estate include a lap pool, a surfer shower in the garage, and a horse barn, according to listing information. “We’ve consciously tried to create a space that (our kids will) really love, that they’ll really remember with fondness one day,” Oakes told In Style back in 1995, describing the house. Check out an online listing sheet for the couple’s house – complete with photos – here. It’s not clear where Harrison and Oakes are headed. However, we would note that they also paid $530,000 in 2005 to purchase a 3,726-square-foot house in Eugene, Ore., according to public records.