Actor Ben Stiller reportedly has paid $10,000,000 to buy a co-op duplex on Manhattan's Upper West Side.


The New York Observer's Manhattan Transfers column that was uploaded online late yesterday makes a compelling case that the buyer is the grey-haired funnyman. Indeed, the money manager whose name is on the deed is a Los Angeles-based fellow by the name of Richard E. Shephard; he also has represented many Hollywood types in their real-estate purchases and ownership over the years, including stars like Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Vince Vaughn, and Helen Slater.

Two sources connected to the building but not the deal told the Observer's Max Abelson that Stiller is indeed moving into the building. And a May essay in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz also reported that Stiller would be buying a $10 million apartment in that building. Those details are good enough for us to believe that Stiller was the buyer. The duplex had not been on the market. It's in the same building where Stiller's comedic parents, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, also live. The New York Observer's fine celebrity real estate columnist Braden Keil had reported in April that Stiller and his actress wife, Christine Taylor, had been shopping for 20-foot-wide town houses in the West Village. One can assume that they opted for the duplex co-op instead and won't be buying a town house anytime soon.

What properties has Stiller owned while in L.A.? Our understanding is that Stiller's trust has owned two: --the 5,334-square-foot house in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills, which he purchased in late 1999 for $1,825,000, according to public records; --the 1,608-square-foot house in Los Angeles' Studio City area, which Stiller purchased in 2006 for $1,100,000, according to public records. The good people at Celebrity Address Aerial also report that Stiller owns the 5,286-square-foot house in Beverly Hills, Calif., but we see no evidence in public records that Stiller is (or has been) the owner of that house on Trudy Drive.