Actor Alan Alda has sold a three-bedroom single-family house in Sag Harbor, N.Y. -- where he had housed nannies and maids for the last few years -- for $550,000.


This is another in a long line of items that we've meant to catch up on but haven't gotten the chance to do so until now. The gang over at Newsday's fine "Real LI" blog broke the story way back in February of Alda's sale of this house. We had missed that at the time, though, and we separately ended up later running across in public records the fact that the house had sold and only after doing so realized that "Real LI" had scooped everyone with its report. So, we wanted to give props to "Real LI" for being first with the news of this sale.


Back in the summer of 2007, the immensely likable Alda and his wife, Arlene (whose name is on the deed to the house) placed the Colonial-style house, at 4538 Noyac Road (some public records inexplicably spell it Noyack Road) in Sag Harbor, on the market for $799,000. Obviously, that turned out to be an amount far above what the market would bear.

Indeed, the Aldas (pictured here) actually took one heck of a loss on this place, seeing as how they had purchased it in September 2004 for $680,000, according to public records.

The house, which is located just a few miles away from the Aldas' estate on Olivers Cove Lane in nearby Water Mill, N.Y., has two and a half baths and sits on a 0.57-acre property, according to news accounts.