Actor Rupert Grint has found great use for his riches from his role in the fabulously successful "Harry Potter" franchise, sinking his fortune into British real estate.


Grint, 21, now has purchased two country mansions, and also owns a third home -- all with no mortgages whatsoever. The Daily Mail recently reported that Grint on September 9 paid 5.4 million pounds to acquire an 18th-century, Hertfordshire manor house on 22 acres. The mansion (top picture) includes five reception rooms and six bedroom suites. Two cottages and a pool dot the grounds, the paper reported.



Grint (shown here with co-star Emma "Hermione Granger" Watson) owns another country house in Hertfordshire, where he has been living up to now with his parents, brother and three sisters. He paid 3.35 million pounds for that mansion (second picture), whose grounds have a lake and a putting green, in October 2006, the Daily Mail reported. As if all that weren't enough, Grint also paid 495,000 pounds with his father to purchase a good-sized, detached house, also in Hertfordshire, the paper noted.

Grint's parents have their own real estate as well, the Daily Mail noted, including a farmhouse just outside Hertford that the purchased in October 2003 for 2 million pounds.

Grint's property portfolio vastly outshines those of his co-stars. The Daily Mail reported that "Harry Potter" himself, Daniel Radcliffe, owns property totaling an estimated 7 million in value (we would definitely question that figure, given the land-baron designs that Radcliffe seems to have), while Watson owns 4 million pounds worth of properties, the paper reported.