Today, the New York Post’s fine celebrity real estate columnist Braden Keil reports the shocking news that a condominium unit in the celebrated development at 15 Central Park West in Manhattan has gone on the market for $90,000,000 – the first true “mega-flip” in the high-profile, newly built development.

The asking price for the four-bedroom, 5,900-square-foot unit at 15 Central Park West, known as Unit 18/19A, defies any logic. The owner, venture capitalist Lindsay Rosenwald, paid $30,000,000 for the apartment last month through his DJDDT Properties LLC company, according to public records. Rosenwald had told the New York Times last week that brokers had offered him “as much as $100 million” for his place. His current asking price contains what is by far the highest price per square feet for any listing: a whopping $16,000 per square foot. “The only thing in my life that is not for sale is my wife and my kids,” Rosenwald told the Times.

Features in Rosenwald’s unit include six and a half baths, a media room and more than 1,100 square feet of outdoor terraces. Records show that Rosenwald went to contract to buy the unit on September 27, 2005, with the deal closing on April 9. The deal was recorded on April 16. The “full sale price,” which includes personal property, was $30,547,500. There’s no online listing information yet on the unit, although we expect that there will be some soon. Stay tuned.