Two more mansions have been added to the mega-high end of the southern California real estate market, with a 10,164-square-foot mansion in Del Mar, Calif., near San Diego, having just gone on the market for $76 million. This is just days after developer George Santo Pietro, best known for having once been married to celebrity letter-turner Vanna White, listed a newly built mansion in the Beverly Park area of Beverly Hills, Calif. for $50 million.


First, down in Del Mar, venture capitalist Bill Stensrud and his wife, Carol, want $76,000,000, a record asking price for the San Diego area, for a gutted mansion and 5.7-acre property on the Pacific Ocean, which is at 929 Border Avenue in Del Mar. The Stensruds, who are residents of nearby Poway, purchased the home and land in 2000 for about $25 million, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. They promptly set out to raze the 10,164-square-foot Colonial-style mansion, which was built in 1937 and which has nine bedrooms, seven and a half baths, leaded glass, chandeliers, inlaid floors installed by Swedish craftsmen and a sweeping staircase, the paper reported. However, instead, the Stensruds inexplicably only gutted the home—making it uninhabitable—but never leveled it, the Union-Tribune reported. The paper was at a loss to explain why the house, which is known as Tippett Hall, came down, or why the Stensruds never proceeded with any other work on the land.

Now, the Stensruds are listing the property, which is divided up into three contiguous parcels that are 3.5 acres, 1.9 acres and 0.2 acres.

Up in Beverly Hills, developer George Santo Pietro has listed a spec home in Beverly Park for a whopping $50,000,000. Santo Pietro, who was married to Vanna White from 1990 until 2002, built the reportedly 30,000-square-foot mansion at 77 Beverly Park in Beverly Hills on spec. Kudos to the Wall Street Journal, which on Friday wrote about the listing, which came onto the market on Friday. It’s probably no coincidence that the listing appeared in Los Angeles’ multiple listing service on the same day that the Journal article ran, and we’d say that describing the Journal’s story as “breaking” the news probably isn’t quite accurate. Indeed, the Journal got the story first, but given that uber-agent Mauricio Umansky is the mansion’s listing agent, we suspect that the Journal article more likely was a sort of selective, PR-driven “placement” by Umansky to help generate buzz (and, effectively, free advertising) for the listing.


In any case, the Italian villa-style mansion was designed by architect William Hablinski and has nine bedrooms, 14 or 15 baths (the listing sheet says 14 in one place and 15 in the other!), a grand screening room, two master suites and a cellar, according to listing information. Outside are a sand volleyball court, an outdoor Italian kitchen, an herb and vegetable garden and a pool, all on a 2.813 acre tract, according to listing information and public records.

Check out a listing sheet for the home here, and take a look at the Real Estalker’s excellent take on the property here.

The gated Beverly Park community has been described over the years as Disneyland for Adults. Here is Big Time Listings’ directory of Beverly Park’s celebrities, with mansion sizes and total acreage for each property:

--Faith Hill/Tim McGraw (paid $6,200,000 in 2003 through their MHA Trust to buy it from Sasha Madron): 3 Beverly Park (11,000 square feet on 4.853 acres)

--Magic Johnson: 12 Beverly Park (12,169 square feet on 4.283 acres)

--Samuel L. Jackson (paid $8,350,000 in 2000 to buy it from actress Roseanne’s Big Buck Trust): 17 Beverly Park (11,738 square feet on 5.193 acres)

--Eddie Murphy (paid $10,000,000 in 2001): 19 Beverly Park (18,598 square feet on 4.373 acres)

--Actress Jami Gertz: 21 Beverly Park (13,049 square feet on 6.213 acres)

--Rod Stewart (paid $12,085,575 in 1991 through his Beverly Park Trust): 23 Beverly Park (18,794 square feet on 3.963 acres)

--Martin Lawrence (paid $12.5 million, 2000-2001): 24 Beverly Park (13,835 square feet on 2.23 acres)

--Sylvester Stallone (owns through his Lion’s Castle Trust): 30 Beverly Park (15,121 square feet on 4.173 acres)

--Sumner Redstone (his Beverly Park LLC paid $14,500,000 in 2002): 31 Beverly Park (15,355 square feet on 2.593 acres)

--Paul Reiser (purchased it through his Chatham Trust in 1998 from rocker Alex Van Halen): 32 Beverly Park (14,547 square feet on 4.373 acres)

--Denzel Washington (purchased it in 1996 through his TTL Trust) : 41 Beverly Park (28,887 square feet on 2.833 acres)

--Slugger Barry Bonds (paid $8,700,000 in late 2002): 44 Beverly Park (11,448 square feet on 2.563 acres)

--Reba McEntire: (paid exactly $9,000,000 in 2003): 46 Beverly Park (9,242 square feet on 2.513 acres)

--Hockey star Wayne Gretzky sold 60 Beverly Park (9,816 square feet on 2.933 acres) in 1995

--Developer George Santo Pietro’s own home on Beverly Park (14,554 square feet)

--Kelsey Grammer paid $17,500,000 in early 2004 through his Fossil II Trust to purchase 80 Beverly Park (17,831 square feet on 3.013 acres), but sold it in April 2006 for $22,000,000