Today we revive our long-dormant but very popular feature "Where in the world is...?" with a quick look at the housing situation of up-and-coming "House M.D." actress Olivia Wilde, who long has owned a loft in Los Angeles' Venice area with her filmmaker husband.


Public records show that Wilde, 24, and her husband purchased their 2,969-square-foot loft for an undisclosed price -- new -- in late 2003. Although no purchase price is available in the public records databases that we have access to, we would assume that they paid in the $1,000,000 range for the loft. Records show that the loft sits on a minuscule, 0.04-acre (1,917-square-foot) lot in a commercially zoned neighborhood, and that it backs up to a condominium building. The loft is eight to 10 blocks from the Pacific Ocean.

Wilde recently gave a lengthy interview with Women's Health magazine in which the loft was discussed. The magazine described Wilde and her husband's Venice loft as being "bohemian" and being "crammed with oversize abstract art, ethnic furniture, and cookbooks scarred with food stains."

Wilde also recently sang the praises of Venice to the Los Angeles Times, saying, "I love it! What a great town."

We're still working on finding actress Kate Beckinsale's place in Venice. If any of our readers have any ideas on that, let us know. Stay