Aug. 10, 2011

Statewide MLS Listings? Flat Fee Listers Love The Idea

The Arizona Association of REALTORS recently announced that they are moving forward with a plan for a state wide mls system. Consolidation among local associations and mls services are becoming common place as these institutions look to drive efficiencies and lower overall expenses for their members.

The idea of state wide or a nationwide mls would be a dream come true for flat fee mls providers like Berg Properties. Scott Berg president of Berg Properties says that "right now it is difficult and very expensive to for flat fee companies to cover an entire state. It just does not make economic sense to join the smaller systems because the pay back is not there."

California has been on the path to realize a state wide mls service for several years and it has been a rocky road. It is difficult to get everyone to agree to rules and regulations as well as data gathering and sharing protocols. There is also a lot of push back from the REALTOR membership who do not understand the benefits and see state wide mls systems as another way that they will loose control over control of the mls data that is so prized.

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