Actor Adrien Brody very quietly appears to have become a first-time homebuyer last year by paying $650,000 to purchase a castle and 50-acre estate in upstate Cleveland, N.Y., which is about 30 miles northeast of Syracuse, on the north shore of Oneida Lake.


News of the purchase, which appears to have been made through a company called Artifact Properties LLC, surfaced last month as pictures from a massive and incredibly cheesy photoshoot of Brody and his actress girlfriend, Elsa Pataky, began appearing in glossy celebrity magazines. As such, we're nowhere the first to write about this. However, we thought readers might be interested in seeing the photos of the restored, four-story 19th-century chateau, which is known as the Stone Barn Castle and which Brody had designer Giorgio Armani help him redecorate.


The property previously was used as a farm museum before Brody purchased and restored it (called, fittingly enough, the Stone Barn Castle Farm Museum).

Take a look at one of many articles on the chateau -- complete with photos -- from the Daily Mail. And, see the ever-prolific Deidre Woollard's post on Luxist last month on the purchase.

Unfortunately, the public records databases that we have access to only have assessment records for Oneida County and not deed records, so we'll have to take others' word that the $650,000 transaction really did take place last year.